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The Kind Man & The Magic Bubble

I once met a kind man who had asked me about the darkness in my heart. I told him he was correct, and that it was heavy and hard, like a giant ice block, but without the cold.

He smiled, and encouraged me to do the same. He assured me that this could most certainly be a fun experience.

He handed me a special tool to hold out in front of me-a strange kind of round contraption (I'll just call it a ball for now). He then instructed me to pull the darkness from out of me and to place it in to the ball-a ball that I could just roll far far away.

No sooner had I completed this task that the hard block thing was gone...GONE!

Even so, I felt something was very very wrong. I was beginning to feel a strange mass dripping heavily from the place the block was once in.

I was terrified!

"This is NOT good!", I told the kind man. He continued to smile at me and we went through the process again. A new dark energy was now showing a mass of living disease!

I was freaking out at this point, but I closed my eyes and did my best to smile-it was all I could do to not completely lose my sanity.

I was courageously observing this massive wormy moving army, this too close for comfort vibration of deranged molecules-the most horrifying disgusting thing ever imagined inside myself, until......

....I soon realized what "they" were. They were simply a mass of confused, lost energy tiny little frightened babies. I was exposing this "orphanage" that simply didn't know where to go.

It was time for their freedom-and mine too, and so I lit the way for them to move towards a new beautiful magical bubble the kind man had now provided me with. The newly exposed energy went slowly.... but surely.

As I found myself experiencing freedom from a false identity (mixed with a little sadness), I was also noticing that once those little marchers found their way in to their new bubble home, they were instantly joining together and transforming in to a thick luscious-like joyous flowing rainbow swirl....endless and eternal.

"Wow! This was unexpected", I said to the kind man who continued smiling. I was so grateful that he was here with me...his voice....his kindness.

As much as I wanted to keep and hold on to that beautiful swirling entity, I chose to let it go. It once carried a part of me that really was not. I new I could create rainbow swirls within myself any time I wanted to because....

I am....

...and we are....

Divinity itself.

And so it is.

***Dedicated to Jeffrey

(Pre-tweaked Royalty Free Image from The Graphics Fairy)


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