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You May Say I'm A Dreamer...

I'm pretty sure there is no success gene currently written in my DNA.

Since I grew up with a biological mom, half sister, and a sweet step-dad, I had very little to sum myself up as, and so I lovingly summed me up as, "I'm a dreamer and dreamers are failures."-It was a "me" personality trait and physical form, combined with a lot of mysterious DNA.

I was in high school when I finally asked my Mom about my "real" dad, and she told me that he was a dreamer. As I can best recall, it was said in a slightly disappointing tone. I think she saw me as a dreamer, as well-but since she was stuck with me as a daughter, I believe that she truly did the best job she could to support my dreams. (Love ya Mom!)

But how can one ever evolve from from a dreamer trait if they don't at least try for bigger things and possibly fail some times. Unfortunately, that just generates MORE disbelief in dreamers and that dreamers can't change the world-or at least their world.

I've met people that don't believe in dreamers. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've attracted them in my life just to support my own "I'll never be, do or have anything" comfort zone.

If I came up with a great idea or inspiration....they came up with supporting evidence as to why it was a bad idea or why it could never work-and isn't everyone right from their own point of view?

I can happily report that I did finally stop obsessing over who my real dad was when I got married, but of course I was still curious about the rest of my "mysterious" family.

Perhaps I was searching for who I was in the whole entire mix of my lineage, to maybe pull me out of my own rut. Who could I identify with. Who in my family lineage broke through life the way I had not, that sort of thing. I asked for this information time and time again, and claimed it was really to give my doctor a better family history medical report!

I do have a lot to be grateful for, as the father I DID grow up with, was a successful self-made man. I also viewed him as a workaholic and a bit emotionally removed from our family unit. He's probably why I keep trying-but not for approval-simply for my own evolution.

So now there are DNA tests where we can find out where we come from. Sure I'm still curious but...why? Why the curiosity? I know we can change everything about ourselves in this amazing day and age. We CAN redesign ourselves and our life experiences through the calling only WE can hear from deep within. Need extra help hearing that inner calling? There is SO MUCH out there and available to us-if we'd only accept that we are not yesterday's limitations and that we CAN be today's breakthroughs!

And so...

....with no success already embedded in me that I know of, I have the mindset that I can and will change my DNA in this lifetime, and I can bring along my entire family lineage of the past with me-all the habits, personality traits, ways of thought, belief systems, etc., and understand that they are not who I have to be.

Is it baggage or opportunity?

We CAN be the change we wish to see in the world.


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