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Scribble Scrabble-LoveJoyLife

As a kid growing up, I've only ever known myself as being a quiet daydreamer with a desire to do something great. The outlet I chose was music.

Unfortunately, it wasn't anywhere on the list of jobs that I took so many years of school for. In fact, because of my grades I was taken OUT of the school's musical programs-Haha.

But it didn't stop me. I joined many bands throughout the years and played and created a lot of original music, along with some pretty fond memories. It was fun, even though I didn't actually make a living at it. I took it as far as I could but never really got any farther than maybe a record label or two of interest, and nothing more. And it was the only way I understood people could BE successful in the industry of "popular" music....but....honestly, did I really want to be signed just to give my "life" over to someone else's control? That's MY passion and creativity! Well, my expression of it. And it works great for so many others but....what was I REALLY wanting to do in life that was meant just for me?

And so I did what many other musician's did when labels stopped bothering with you, I got married and had kids. What? Wasn't I supposed to play music and travel the world? Luckily, it was a great choice and I felt pretty sure that someone "up there" was looking out for me.

It wasn't until losing my Mother in 2009 and then not long after, losing my Sister, when my life took on a whole new journey. I knew I needed to do something big now, and that it would involve helping others. I wasn't going to live just to die...and to die for what? In fact, what do I want my epitaph to say?

So the little spark within me remained and I was yearning with no direction, until I found myself inspired to write a book. I wrote a short story about an awakening. And although I deeply enjoyed the whole experience of writing and publishing that story, I was still yearning for so much more.

I continued with my spiritual studies, and soon I was an actual student of personal development. This really called to me because I understood years and years of everything that had ever interested me on a much deeper level. I could create programs and courses on what I now knew! This led me in the direction of becoming a certified personal development coach, and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

I spent the first year giving my services away for free, with only a request. An honest testimonial. That year brought me so much satisfaction but still, I was only helping a few people at a time. How could I do even MORE to raise Joy and Authenticity Awareness on this planet and actually get to do it full time?

And that became the birth of the youtube channel platform called Fabulous Playground! Where fun reigns! ;)

And so this blog today is really about checking in and getting who I am out there. The timid sweet spark within has grown and matured, and a portal of freedom has opened.

With the freedom to believe and the freedom to create, we help each other. Competition is over. No one is more deserving than YOU to do what you love and to BE happy doing it!

I want to ignite that spark in YOU! What I want for me, I want for you!

I hope you'll stick around.

I've got a few blogs going on over at Google+ Or, if you like visuals and sounds, come on over to the platform on youtube I mentioned called Fabulous Playground.

Thank you so much for reading!

With love,


LoveJoyLife Coaching


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