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The Detox and I

In the early nineties I sort of fell into an awareness, that came out of the blue. This awareness inspired me to become a vegetarian. I thought of all the foods I liked, and it made my transition that much easier! But through that transition, I’d also realize the many things that were not vegetarian! Things like Twinkies, french onion soup, Jell-O/gummy bears, etc., but they were easy enough to cut out. After about six years, I fell out of being vegetarian (It’s a long, but great story that I’ll save for another blog), but soon I’d be back, for the same reasons I did it the first time, and then take it a few steps further! I’d replaced most of my dairy with non-dairy, I'd replaced white rice with brown rice and started buying Ezekiel bread for my carb cravings. I thought these were major changes at the time but it certainly was anything but “clean” eating. I’d never even heard of that term until this detox.

We may all detox for different reasons but for me, I had been massively struggling with my habits and my weight for far too long. Yes, I’ve had a couple of wonderful babies, and the unfortunate miscarriage that left me not only devastated emotionally, but it also left my stomach with what looked like a giant round bowling ball that never went away! Seriously, even weeks after the loss, people were still congratulating me on my baby to come! I did blood tests, had my thyroid checked twice, I had x-rays done to see if there was still a baby in there but…nothing came up as abnormal. What was going on in my body that I could not figure out!?

I joined a gym and paid for a trainer, which quickly showed me many things I did not like doing, along with some new things that I surprisingly did like. Sure I had to spend a little money to figure that all out, but I’m so glad I did. All in all, adding the exercise routine to the other changes I’d been making, still did not provide me with the results I was looking for.

So now the detox was underway and “clean eating” was the star! I began to wonder, do most of us truly appreciate “Clean Eating” but are just not fully conscious to what it even is? And could it simply just be acquired programming that keep us addicted to the "quick fix" and "quick bites", and all the over processed foods and drinks?

I'm imagining here, a delectable warm cheesy french fry dipped in an ice cold peppery ranch dip. about we take a salty hot tortilla chip that pleasantly melts in your mouth from the saturated oil it was cooked in, even though the true purpose of that chip might be to get to the fresh and fabulous anti-oxidant jalapeno salsa! Is it simply programming that trick us into believing there is no real event going on in that raw organic vegetable salad plate over there? What is our subconscious mind really creating for us to experience? Memories of drinking margaritas on a beach that may not even be from our own memory yet still, it’s a celebration. Our bodies have been tricked!

I love how Miracles Coach, Dr. Janeen Detrick puts it, “The body memorizes its flow.”

So through this detox, I’ve been uncovering habits without BEING my habits. Like me drinking wine with dinner. It was just what I always did. I had memorized the good feelings I got from it but would wake up the next day only to remember how much sugar I’d ingested that night before and, was it really worth it? The answer was always the same. So sure, we can be aware of what we want to change, but sometimes the routine we’ve memorized, feels too hard to have to change now. Nice limiting belief! The good news: THESE PROGRAMS CAN BE CHANGED! They can be replaced, or completely wiped out!

After 3 days of detoxing, my headaches were pretty much gone and I was enjoying my water and tea, as they were usually enhanced with my beloved ingestible essential oils! They were a fantastic replacement for the beloved vino I was so afraid of losing. I’d created a new event that I could establish in my routine later, after completing the detox.

18 days into the detox I was seeing a huge difference in my belly! The one I’d been waiting for! And sure, this was to be expected for everything the detox had me giving up but...(well, I'll get to that in a second). I’d also noticed that the lines on my forehead were gone! My skin all around looked plumper! More water, more rest, eating clean, essential oils and a few supplements to support it all, maybe? This was pretty interesting. I was really appreciating my positive results. But the fact that the ball in my stomach had gone down significantly and actually stayed that way long after the detox was over, was my ultimate proof! I'd changed my body's memorized flow!

I’ve also established a deeper connection and understanding to “clean eating”, way beyond just eating a Vegetarian, Paleo or Vegan diet. It’s okay if we don’t get this over night. The detox actually caused me to learn some things pretty fast, and for that I am very grateful.

Also, detox plans are usually 21-plus days, usually the time it takes to break old habits and establish a new mindset.

I’m already preparing myself for another detox that takes place in the spring of 2015. I’m ready to “break the ceiling” once again!

It’s a process. -Love the journey.

Thank you for reading about my detox experience. I really hope you enjoyed it!

COMING UP……Please stay tuned for my upcoming interview with good friend Kyle Vincent, where we will be discussing his international music career, as well as his rockin’ Vegan lifestyle! NOTE: As of Summer 2015, I'm still waiting for him to return from his touring. The interview has been done, but I'm still waiting for a couple edits from him. Sorry for the wait!

As a personal development coach and one who has overcome many struggles, I live passionately to help others to find clearer paths, dissolve unwanted negative programming, and to establish new habits and beliefs. I am also available just for support. For a FREE consultation, please contact me anytime at:


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