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The Awakening In Moorland

I'm so incredibly grateful for the experience of writing and actually publishing my first short story! Although, saying "my" isn't quite right. I feel it was co-written with something beyond me.

One morning during the spring of 2013, I woke up and found myself absolutely focused on what I didn't even process yet. I led myself straight to the computer to write. It felt effortless! It was the most beautiful feeling I'd ever experienced!

I spent the next few hours of the day on it and actually finished what would only total to about 14 pages. But that was okay. I LOVED the story, but it was my Sister who inspired me to keep writing more.

After she had read my very short story, the first feedback she gave me was, "I like it but...I want more." So there I was, writing again! She liked it! She wants more to the story! So for the next year I continued writing. Whenever I’d doubt myself throughout the writing process with thoughts of, "what am I doing? Am I crazy for even thinking I could ever write or ever be published (!?)”, I would just go back to the story and find the excitement and effortless flow all over again.

I was finally able to complete what I felt could be an awakening story for others, but was sad that my Sister would not live long enough to ever read the completed story.

And although I've dedicated this book to my Sister, it is also dedicated to everyone who finds inspiration from it. Without you, this book just exists as pages and collections of words. It’s the reader’s spirit that creates the true experience.

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