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PHOTO: With My Friend & Mentor,
The Amazing Joe Vitale

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Mychols Creative  Coaching Page

Aside for my work in music, I'm also certified as a Personal Development life coach, where I coach more on the creative side of personal growth. Other areas may include: self-awareness/self-esteem, exploring & clearing roots of internal suffering, uncovering and clearing limiting beliefs and blocks, exploring, re-creating & re-designing a particular life path and more...

Each 1-Hour Session is followed by assignments to be completed on one's own time, along with tools and resources and a recap of each live session. My program is always designed & created specifically for each unique individual and their goals that we cover during our first free consultation.

PHOTO: With My Friend & Personal Coach, Who Also

 Helped Me Achieve My Certification - Gil McIff, AKA Buddha Boy!


You can book with me

through my Pro-Bono Coaching page at

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