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Welcome to Mychols Love/Joy/Life Coaching!


A few years ago I took a beautiful pathway that led me to an eye opening level of being. A sort of... "awakening" experience. I have studied personal development with experienced teachers and mentors for over 3 years and as of 20I5, I became a certified personal develpment coach with the Joe Vitale/Achieve Today program. 


I am now certified to share, instruct, coach and assist others to unveil and tap in to their divine inner greatness. I also teach tools that release sabotaging blocks and expose space for inner growth and re balance.  


We CAN achieve the greatest levels of life successes, while here on this planet. We can give ourselves a better life experience. 


Maybe you are driven by something, yet you may not believe it's possible to achieve. Or maybe you might be struggling trying to align with your purpose, yet you might feel it's too overwhelming to even try. Or maybe you feel you just don't deserve the things you feel drawn to. That is why I'm here to help! 


I really believe in this coaching 12 week coaching program because I think it's one of the best out there! We already ARE greatness! 




Coaching Plan


Your first consultation with me is absolutely FREE!!!  I offer an extrememly VALUABLE first consultation, no matter if you choose to go further with me or not. This FREE VALUABLE CONSULTATION is how you'll learn more about what one-on-one coaching has to offer and to find out if working with ME will be a great fit for YOU! 


If you choose to sign up for this 12 Session one on one coaching program with me you get 12 telephone/Skype sessions in a weekly 1 hour phone call. After each session you will receive a recap of our session, along with homework assignments and extra resources all within one email!


Your sessions will be fit for you specifically, through this specially designed format  where we focus on: uncovering your life mission, your short and long term goals, finding and clearing sabotaging blocks, along the 5 enchanting steps to be .....A MIRACLE MAGNET! Yeah!!!


I'll also guide you through meditations and visualizations to help boost your energy, clear your head, bring you peace, bring you confidence, dissolve negative patterns, blocks, and thinking! 






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