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Full Length Solo Album, "SUGAR"Produced by Steve Refling

By Lisa Mychols








11 song album

Album available at:


Watch Music Videos here: 



White Lace and Promises: The Songs of Paul Williams (Various Artists)

By Curry Cuts





Available at: Bandcamp/WhiteLaceandPromises


"You and Me Against the World" by Lisa Mychols


Watch video here: 





Duet, "Just Let Me Know" with Kai Danzberg and Lisa Mychols from his Not Only Sunshine CD 

Available (click photo) at Big Stir Records 


Music video here: 




Altered Sweet (Various Artists) -Tribute to Matthew Sweet

By Futureman Records










Available at Bandcamp/AlteredSweet


"Looking at the Sun" by Lisa Mychols

Watch video here: 





Songs. Bond Songs: The Music Of 007 (Various Artists)

By Curry Cuts










Available by Curry Cuts on Bandcamp/Songs.Bond Songs: The Music Of 007


"The Man With The Golden Gun" by Lisa Mychols


Watch video here: 





Davie Allan & The Arrows Ft. Lisa Mychols 





Available at CDBaby/IsTheGrassReallyGreener

Lisa Mychols is featured on 9 songs of this 15 song collection!!!

Watch video for "I Don't Like Living My Life Alone" here: 





Winter Is Here (EP) Produced by Tom Richards

By Lisa Mychols





Available at Bandcamp/WinterIsHere


Watch Videos here:





Let's Stay Together (Single) Produced by Steve Refling











Available at Bandcamp/LetsStayTogetherLisaMychols


Video here 







Girlville! New Songs In The Style Of Yesterdays Hits! (Various Artists)

By Dana Countryman

Lisa Mychols sings "I've Run All Out Of Tears (To Cry Over You)" and "Proud To Be His Girlfriend"

Audible Interview with Alan Haber and Lisa Mychols here: 

The Well Wishers Lisa Mychols Guest vocals on "Comes Around" on their album Comes And Goes













Never Surrender (Various Artists) - A Tribute to Cheap Trick

By Zero Hour Records











Lisa Mychols sings, "Tonight It's You" produced by Steve Refling

Watch Video Here: 







The Seven & Six (previously Lisa Mychols 3) EP Produced by Steve Refling








Videos for "Back To The Truth" and "Bruce Foxton"





Power Pop Unplugged (Various Artists) 

By Zero Hour Records 













Lisa Mychols sings, "Go All The Way" (Raspberries Cover) unplugged Produced by Steve Refling





Lisa Mychols on drums for "Come On In" and "Keep On Walking" EP release.











"Keep On Walking" 



"Come On In" 





Above, Beyond & In Between Produced by Tom Richards

By Lisa Mychols



d                                                                                                   "                 











"Ferris Wheel" Video 

Lisa Mychols Album Interview 




"Fooling The World" for Aiden





Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute to Lite Rock (Various Artists)

By Curry Cuts












"Don't Give Up On Us Baby" by Lisa Mychols, produced by Steve Refling

FUN Video Ad Here: 


Extended version with each artist interviewed: 











Joystick Covers EP by Nushu
















 Good Girls Don't / My Best Friend's Girl / They Don't Know / Happy Hour / Precious To Me

Joystick outtakes Nushu in the studio






Paranoid Lovesick Ft. lead vocals by Lisa Mychols on "Orbit" and "Thrall"










Available at CDBaby/TuxedoAvenueBreakdown



NUSHU 2nd Full Length Album called HULA

Artwork by Tim Rose (from the band Sun Sawed in 1/2)















Available HERE

Watch VIDEO here: 



"Another Rainy Weekend" 










NushuNevermind Lullibye
















"She Said" 



"Falkner's In Love" 







Sweet Sinsations Produced By Tom Richards and Steve Refling

By Lisa Mychols

Available on Bandcamp (Click the Album)

















In This City (EP) Produced by Tom Richards

By Lisa Mychols

Available on Bandcamp (Click the Album)















"I'll Be Your Mirror" Video 





Bass player for The Waking Hours 















"Revenge: Video 

"Jade" Video


"Heartbeat" Video



2017 The Waking Hours released: Hits, Misses, Covers, Demos and Curios from 2001-2006!!!

Available at Bandcamp/TheAllMailNewsDirectory


















The Masticators


















"Here's A Boy" (live) 



The Masticators Interview on KFI 







Project Dreamworld

Left click for "Ghost Of A Chance" (Written by Tammy Ferranti) ***Right click for "Blue Glow" (Written by Lisa Mychols)


















Dreamworld music available at Bandcamp/Dreamworld





















Follow Dreamworld on Facebook/Dreamworld






















Dreamworld Videos (Click Photo below)













Lost Winters Dream

Produced by Darian Sahanaja and Nick Walusko

of The Wondermints
























































































































"Revenge" video from 2001

"Jade" video from tour through Arizona 2002

“Used to It” circa Summer 2002. Directed by Jeff Seibenick (Fallout Boy, KORN)

“Sunshine” Featuring “guest player” James Valentine of Maroon 5
“Heartbeat” Directed by the fabulous Ace Norton! (Death Cab for Cutie, Mandy Moore, She and Him, Norah Jones) 2004












 The Masticators!


The Masticators Facebook Page HERE




Robbie Rist (Drums), Lisa Mychols (vocals/Guitar), Patrick McGrath (Guitar/Keyboards), Severo (Bass!)


Available at



Radio Police

Electra Woman & Dina Girl

Kidnapper Song



















THE MID 1990'S

Dreamworld Facebook Page HERE

Dreamworld Music Now On Bandcamp





















Dreamworld were a 4 piece all girl band. From L. to R. is Tammy Ferranti, Kim Fuelleman, Lisa Mychols and Ashley Flavin. We released one CD.


For more pictures and info, I invite you to visit the Dreamworld FB Page.


Dreamworld Music Available on BANDCAMP


Dreamworld became Project Dreamworld and released a few songs on cassette.

"Ghost of a Chance"

"Blue Glow"

"Cactus Boy"

"This Time"

(I think there were a couple more-please forgive me for not remembering!)


























This was my very first album, Lost Winters Dream. This album was recorded by The Wondermints.


Some video’s of Lisa and The Wondermints (rough video-recorded at a bar so forgive my singing!)

“Go Go Getter” -1994



“That’s Old Fashioned” with Darian Sahanaja From Wild Honey Productions 1996



Other songs I had the pleasure of singing back-ups on for The Wondermints:

"Barbarella" *** ALBUM HERE


"Global Village Idiot" *** ALBUM HERE


"The Party" from compilation album Shots in the Dark


















Other songs recorded by Lisa Mychols


"You" (George Harrison cover) He Was Fab Tribute compilation


"Look Sharp" (Joe Jackson cover) Different for Girls Tribute compilation


"Baggy Trousers" (Madness cover) Stiff Records Tribute compilation


"Outta My Mind" (Waking Hours cover) West of Eden compilation


"Los Cabos" & "And Evil Did Too" with Davie Allan & The Arrows Retrophonic


"Listen to the Guitar Man" with Davie Allan & The Arrows Moving Right Along


"Pop Rules" Jeremy Tribute


"Joy is in the Giving" Christmas without Cancer


As a band member/guest musician


Steve Barton (bass)

Quiton Flynn (bass)

Sun Sawed in 1/2 (whisper)

Sparkle*Jets UK (drums)

Kickstand/Receiver (drums)

Adam Marsland (vocals)

Grab Bag (drums)

The Shondikes (Backup Vocals)



See the live videos with Receiver, circa 2000 here:




"Erica Kane"


"Inspiration Overload"






Interview with Brandon Schott

Defying Gravity Season 2 Episode 5 - Lisa Mychols


Listen to more songs from Lisa Mychols that have cool pictures on them at Mychols

(Click the above)






There may  be more that I'm forgetting so I'll just add to this page later. If anyone finds anything here to be incorrect or needing to be added, please let me know at Thanks for visiting!



                                                                                                                                                                        Follow LISA MYCHOLS on Facebook & Twitter here!








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