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Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 

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POP ROCK RECORD music blog [Dennis Pilon]

‘You put together two phenomenal and prolific talents like Lisa Mychols and SUPER 8 and you’re pretty much guaranteed something pretty special. His lock on the late 1960s sunshine sound (from the Village Green to Haight Ashbury) combined with her unerring power pop chops makes their debut collaborative album a non-stop summer delight.’


‘The laid back California sound is all over this record, in multiple registers. You’re going to want to add this Lisa Mychols and Super 8 record to your ‘don’t forget’ beach list.’

PURE POP 4 NOW PEOPLE music blog [Henry Lipput]


‘Despite our current problems and concerns, Lisa Mychols and SUPER 8 have just released a wonderful album that can turn, to paraphrase Mr. Shakespeare, our summer of discontent into our very own golden summer and can brighten our lives all season long.’ 


‘Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 is a concept album (it even has a theme song and a joke with a reference to Sgt. Pepper!) about summer loves. It’s a glorious sun-baked boardwalk stroll down memory lane for some and a perhaps a soundtrack for a future romance for others.’

‘Both parts of this collaboration have big beating ‘pop hearts’ - the album was never going to be devoid of pops most pretty side.’


‘The musical marriage of Trip and Ellie (as Lisa is known to her friends) is made in Pop heaven.’


‘The music has a ramshackle charm all of its own, and the mix of Trip’s casually brilliant musicianship and Lisa’s spot on harmonies and both their songwriting skills merge perfectly – it’s as if The Free Design had a collaboration with Emitt Rhodes (RIP) Sun baked California soft pop with a Beatles-ish lilt. Perfect.’


‘WITCH TAI TO is beautiful too – highlighting Lisa’s vocal skills and is a match for the gorgeous version by Harper’s Bizarre. These covers are respectful and show their influences on the music. The West Coast soft Pop vibes continue through the latter half of the album with LAGUNA NIGHTS TO REMEMBER  and the dreamy YOUR SUMMER THEME.’


‘The two highlights of the album are what would have been the side closers if there was a vinyl equivalent – FLYING CLOSE TO THE SUN and THE ARMS OF WATER. Both songs extend the sunshine pop into a more psychedelic experience. These songs highlight how perfectly Trip and Lisa work together – you’d never guess they created this music thousands of miles apart. ‘


‘The album is full of sunshine and the perfect music for slowly emerging from lockdown, hanging out with friends you’ve not seen for ages and chilling out. Put your worries behind you, relax and let Trip and Ellie soundtrack this weird summer.’

‘The latest collaboration album by the UK’s SUPER 8 and the insanely beautiful voice of Lisa Mychols is a kiss on a summer breeze that it so badly needed.’

‘How these artists gel on this recording can be answered simply as: PERFECT! The approach is that of painting a kaleidoscope of hypnotic colours, as both personalities and talent of the artists are woven into a power pop, rockin’ piece of work.’


‘Experimental, but with those addictive hooks all driven by a flawless production.’


‘A wall of sound creates a breathtaking orchestration of melody, with vocals that are passion-soaked and very real. At times you get the obvious sense that these songs mean something to their creators.’


‘The lush “Honey Bee” (included above) gets the balancing act on a surfboard back in business. It is the sun splitting through the clouds, washing over the opening harmonies, and firing off the powerful conviction of the vocal lines.’


‘In truth there really is not a step wrong here, and the songs compliment each other as much as the artists.’


‘A sound skillfully anchored on a Californian breeze!’


‘The closing track ‘The Arms Of Water’ is a masterclass in production and technique.’


‘In retrospect, SUPER 8 and Lisa Mychols have created an adventurous piece of work that is truly cinematic in scale.’

‘Mychols' vocals are as buoyant as ever… and they're married to some gorgeous melodies. The sunshine pop ‘You & Me, Me & You’ is a real winner, as is the slightly odd cuteness of ‘The Monkee Song’ which isn't about Davy, Mickey, Mike or Peter and may be the first song ever that contains the words: googly eyes.’

‘It’s always exciting when a collaboration between talented musicians occurs, and the teaming of Lisa Mychols and Paul ‘Trip’ Ryan (who operate under the moniker Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8) is no exception. Lisa’s bright and lively vocals stand as the ideal companion to Trip’s intrepid instrumental and structural techniques, while the songwriting is flush with melodic allure.’


‘Branded with a becoming blend of musical values, Lisa Mychols & Super 8 adds up to a thoroughly pleasurable listening experience. Lisa and Trip work well together, so here’s hoping their partnership produces further choice creations.’

DAGGERZINE music blog [Tim Hinely]

‘The songwriting is terrific, (split the difference between Pet Sounds and Smile and you’re in the ballpark), the harmonies are dead on and if you’re not snapping your finger during each song, well, your fingers must be broken.’

‘The ‘Queen of Power Pop’ Lisa Mychols joins forces with British psyche-popper Paul “Trip” Ryan to deliver this playful confection for the ears … the chemistry of the two artists play to each other’s strengths.’

‘The transatlantic partnership of UK musician Paul 'Trip' Ryan, aka SUPER 8, and California vocalist Lisa Mychols has delivered one of summer's top treats for our hungry ears. Gleefully romping over a wide swath of the pop landscape, they deliver tunes that evoke timeless hits of mid '60s British invasion, early '60s top 40 bubblegum, '70s soul/pop, garage pop and beyond. The only certainty is that each song will grab your attention and hold it tight until the final note. You will wish these guys had decided to do this earlier, and you will fervently hope they decide to do it again. Often!’

‘A wonderful album full of 60s charm, and the collaboration between the two artists works perfectly. Highly recommended Summer listening!’

THE PAPER LION music blog [NB: no writer credit]

‘Lisa Mychols and SUPER 8 put two fingers up to Covid 19 and created a perfect blousy soundtrack for the summer!’


‘It is easy to slip into some overfamiliar and hackneyed blog phrases. ‘Soundtrack for the summer’ is a good example and is frequently overused for collections of upbeat tunes released when the sun is high in the sky. It’s a simple label but does actually on this occasion fit the new Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 album. You can’t deny the ability these songs have to put a smile on your face and conjure up visions of sun, sea and surf.’


‘There is an undeniable strong West Coast US feel to the project … that Beach Boys, Mamas and Papas influence does seep into the tunes.’


‘This whole collection not only showcases the songwriting talent of Lisa and Paul, and is not only just a soundtrack for summer, but it is in my opinion a fully-fledged psychedelic masterpiece. I do urge you to seek it out.’

‘A must for lovers of Sunshine Pop, Northern Soul and the sound and aesthetics of the 60’s in general.’

‘All in all, Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 is a fantastic album. Is it the album of the summer? Absolutely! Considering that 2020 is a summer that well, quite frankly, sucked for everyone, WE NEED THIS ALBUM TO CHEER US UP! If this is the music that Trip & Ellie's Music Factory puts out, I'll be placing more orders from them in the future.’

‘This teaming of two major melodic pop talents is really nothing less than a dream come true; listeners won’t be able to get this album out of their heads!’

‘LISA MYCHOLS & SUPER 8 - the highly anticipated summit meeting between the beloved Long Beach, California-based composer/vocalist Mychols and the UK-based founder of SUPER 8, Paul "Trip" Ryan.’

‘Together they have composed a pop album reminiscent of Sunshine Pop, Northern Soul and the sounds of the ‘60s & 70s. Pure Pop with sunny melodies that bring to mind beaches, surfboards, waves crashing on the shore. 12 songs with timeless melodies.’


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