Video Testimonial:



Adam Waltimire

Florida USA





"Elsie is a truly loving person who brings that love and excitement to her sessions."


"I am privileged to have benefited from her training, ideas, and techniques. One of the main reasons for that is, like I mentioned above she is a truly loving and caring person. This makes all the difference in the world as opposed to other people who just goes through the motions."


"Elsie is the REAL Deal, and her compassion has helped me in some of my roughest times."


"Add to that some of the fascinating exercises she employs and you have a very worthwhile method. Elsie, Thank you SO much!!!"


Steven R.

Occupation: Songwriter/Recording Artist

Bakersfield, CA




"I strongly recommend to anyone, if you have sorrow, pain and suffering in your life and wish to experience the joy of being who you can be and have what you want in life, but don’t know how to get there and feel lost, I whole heartedly recommend Elsie L. Mychols as the life coach you should contact and work with. I will be forever grateful to having met her and worked with her in my new journey to a life that can be as awesome as I desire and envision it to be."


Randy J.






"When Elsie made her 1st of 12 weekly calls to me my spirits lifted immediately. She mentioned that her role was to be a "Life Coach" of sorts and she would teach me how to get a lasting possitive attitude and to rid myself of Depression and  Negative thinking that I had for the most part harnessed MYSELF with that was keeping me from the joy and fullfillment that were just thoughts and memories of my youth. I felt like a Good Fairy or an Angel had found me to help me. Elsie has that kind oif voice and uplifting spirit that can make someone think that a Good Fairy could be true...... or at least a good friend who sincerely cares about helping you."



Mick C.

Occupation: Shipping and Receiving  

Providence RI





"You've changed my outlook on life and the way I get through the day. You've taught me to be present and you've given me the tools to approach my life in a whole new way, where I'm not doubting myself. Knowing who I am and knowing that I CAN make it happen, and with a whole new clarity to see it!" 


Name: Jordan 

Occupation: Writer

 St. Louis, MO


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